Thursday, February 20, 2014

Monday, December 13, 2010

Yoda Complete

I finally finished the Yoda from the Clone Wars cartoon.

Here's all the parts in your Yoda kit. Please note that some part you have may have been substituted for a part of similar shape or color but different from the picture shown to the right...
Looks kind like C3P0 did when he was in pieces...

Yoda must be powerful with the Force. He doesn't even need feet to stand...

I created the feet and a hoodie for the little guy to complete the ensemble. And, just in case you have to ask, (it's not like any one else has asked or even prodded me to say you know you should have made...) I did not make a light saber or a walking stick. It's only Yoda. No other attachments...
Batteries not included (or needed...)

And one last note from Yoda...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Continuing Yoda

Been trying to find time to work on the Yoda from the Clone Wars cartoon.

I finally got the ears on. I have to say they turned out great! I knit a triangle with a flat side (called a right triangle by those with smarts.) Then I rolled each edge over tightly rolled foam and stitched them down. Added a bump in front of where the ear canal should be. 'Really' smart people call the bump the tragus. {I had to look it up. Me not that smart.} Cool name -- TRAGUS!

This is the long row of triangles that form the hair. I had to do a few trials to find a procedure that worked right. The final was:
CO 10
** Turn K10
Turn K10, CO 6
Turn K16
Turn K16, CO 3
Turn BO 3, K16
Turn K16
Turn BO6, K10
Turn K10
Turn BO 8, K2
Turn K2, CO 8
Repeat from ** Until nap-time...
Make smaller ones on the end. Use your best judgment. I did...

I stitched on the hair and realized I'd seen this somewhere else. Not just the movies or the cartoon, but somewhere closer.

Yoda has my hair line. He's such a lucky guy!!!! I'm just glad I don't have ears like his. It'd be hard getting in the car...
I have the arms done and part of the shirt, but I'll save that for next time.